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There is a wide range of Insurance Products in the Market offered by the various Underwriters.These products include:

Below is a Brief Description of Each: 



1. Fire & Perils

Indemnify the insured against loss or damage or destruction to insured property as a result of Fire and Allied Perils eg Earthquake,Floods,lightning, malicious damage, Riot Strike and Civil Commotion etc. A List of the Insured Items reflecting Individual Values and Sums Insured is necessary. It is a Prerequisite to have the Values of the Insured Assets valued by a Professional Property Valuer. Risk Identification and Assessment Visits to the Proposed Insured on or before Insurance placement by Accredited Risk Managers is vital. Such visits will in addition to advising on what to insure against what Risk also advice on Good In House Keeping among related Risks mitigation processes.


2. Fire - Consequential Loss of Profits Insurance

This Insurance will Indemnify the Insured against Loss of Profits in the event of Fire & Perils damage to the insured Premises and or Items. Details to provide include Annual Gross Profit if Known, Annual Wages / Salaries, Auditors Fees, Claim Adjustment Fees, Additional Costs and Expenses required to keep the Insured in operation within the Indemnity Period. Indemnity Period or the Period the Insured is expected to recover from the Loss is usually between Twelve (12) Months to Twenty Four (24) Months.



3. Burglary / Theft Insurance 

Physical loss of and/or damage to subject matter insured by Theft / Burglary following upon an actual forcible and violent entry into or exit from Insured Premises by the person or persons committing such theft / Burglary / Hold up including any damage caused to the Insured Premises. Insured Items whose Schedule or List must be availed and be clearly described as the subject matter of the insured should be those Items reflecting the Value of Assets whose loss is to be borne by the insured following upon such Theft / Burglary / Hold up.

Depending on the Nature, Size and Condition of the Insured Items, Not All Insured Items may be stolen in an Attempt thereof. A First Loss Sum Insured arrangement is in most cases advisable in this Policy. Such an Arrangement will not only save on Premiums payable by the Insured but also lower the Risk to manageable Levels on the part of the Insurer / Underwriting Office.



4. Industrial All Risks Insurance

This is a Comprehensive Property Insurance Policy for unusually large Risks mostly in excess of Sum Insured or Insured Values of Kshs. 500,000,000.00. It incorporates Fire & Allied Perils, Fire Consequential Loss of Profits and Burglary / Theft / Hold up under a Single Blanket Policy. A List of Items proposed for Insurance must be availed with respective Individual Values of the insured Assets.

5. Political Violence and Terrorism.

Indemnify the insured against Loss, Damage / Destruction of the Insured Items / Property following Acts of Terrorism, Sabotage, Riots, Strike and Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution & Rebellion, Mutiny and/or Coup 'detat all for Political Reasons.




6. Electronic Equipment Insurance

Indemnifies the Insured against unforeseen loss or damage to Electronic items described in the Schedule by any Accidental Cause / s subject to the Policy's Exceptions, Terms, Conditions, and Warranties. Insurance may be arranged to indemnify the Insured for actual loss of the Physical Insured Items ( Hardware) or Loss of Data ( Software). This is subject to a Production of a List / Schedule of the Insured Items.




7. All Risks Insurance

This Policy will Indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to insured property subject to a List or Schedule arising or resulting from any Accidental cause not specifically excluded by the policy. It is suitable for covering portable items like Mobile Phones, Cameras, Jewellery, Laptops and or portable Computers, etc. The Geographical area is extended to Worldwide.




8). Private Residence Insurance ( Domestic Package - HHC & Or HOC )

These Policies are also part of the many Insurances for both Individual and Corporate and will offer indemnity for Physical loss and or damage to the insured Property. Cover arrangement will either include the Building, Contents ( Household), All Risks ( Portable Items), Workmen Compensation ( Domestic Workers), Occupiers and or Owners Liability.




9). Plate Glass Insurance

Engineering and Construction Industry has been revolutionised and most Buildings including major sky crappers have more glass Sheets as part of their Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings hence the need for Plate Glass insurance. This Cover will offer indemnity against Loss and Or damage to the Insured Glass through breakage, damage by Fire & Perils, Malicious damage of any other unforeseen and sudden physical Loss.

10). Stock Escalator Insurance

A Stock Escalator Insurance is basically Stock Movement in terms of Sales, Transfer to other Owned, held in Trust or Controlled Stock Outlets and or Holding Points. A Clear and concise Schedule and or Record / Inventory of Stock in each holding Outlet at definite Times and Periods of Insurance is necessary for an effective an honest Stock Floater Policy arrangement.

11). Aviation Insurance

Parties in the event that they cause loss and or damage to Third Party Property, Cause Bodily and or Death to Third Party Persons who may be their Passengers and or other Space and Ground users. Aviation Insurance will provide cover against such Risks and as stipulated under the Civil Aviation Insurance Regulations. This cover will generally fall under the following categories;

a). Aviation Hull

This is cover against Loss and or Damage to the Insured Aircraft, Aeroplane or any insured Aerial Devices

b). Third Party Liability

This will offer indemnity to Third Parties other than Passengers

c). Passenger Legal Liability

This will offer Indemnity to Passengers on Board the Aircraft.



1. Money - Cash in Transit Insurance

    This Cover indemnifies the Insured for Loss and or Damage of Money from the Insured's Premises following Theft /    Burglary / Hold Up etc, while in Transit from and or the Bank anywhere in Kenya, Cash in Transit from the Insured's Clients as collected by Insured Agents or Employees, Cash in Transit to the Insured's Suppliers, Cash in the Office whilst in Closed / Locked Drawers, Safe both Outside or Within Office Working Hours, Cash / Money in the Hands of Directors / Authorised Staff Members in the Office or in their Private Residences and / or in Transit to and or from the Office / Private Residence or vice Versa and or as described in the Schedule.


2. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

   This cover Indemnifies the insured against Direct Loss of Money or Stock that the Insured might sustain through   acts of dishonesty by an Employee in the Course of Employment. The Insured will propose Limits that reflect the extent of Exposure based on either All the Employees or Identified Categories of the same, eg, Accountants, Cashiers, Security Detail, Store Keepers, Drivers, etc.




3. Goods In Transit Insurance

This Policy will Indemnify  the Insured against accidental loss or damage by Fire & Allied Perils, Theft / Burglary or Any Misfortune thereof whilst the Property is being Loaded onto or Carried by or Unloaded from Any Vehicle or Trailer and / or Rail Wagon or Other  Convenient Conveyances and or as described in the provided Schedule. Losses resulting from Transfers from One Vehicle on to another whilst en route etc are also insured.


4). Agricultural Activity Based Insurances ( Crop Failure Insurance)

These are Farmers and Agriculturalists friendly Policies that basically offer indemnity to the Insured against  Financial Losses resulting from Crop Failure either due to Rain Failure or Adverse Weather Conditions.




1). Personal Accident Insurance

This is one of the several insurance of the Person that offers Indemnity to the Insured Person against Accidental Death and or Bodily Injury, Medical Expenses reimbursement upon hospitalisation after an Accident.  Benefits are paid irrespective of  Any Legal Liability in the Event of Death - Capital Sum Insured, in the Event of Permanent Total Disablement - a Percentage of the Capital Sum Insured and in the Event of Temporary Total Disablement - an Amount not exceeding 25% of the Monthly Income. Other Benefits include provision of  Artificial Limbs and or Accessories. In addition to all Employees of an Insured being Eligible, this Policy is most applicable to Any Employee earning more the Kshs. 1,200,000.00 Annually which is the Salary ceiling limit under Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance. The policy has a wide and extended indemnity period for disablement of Death resulting within Twelve (12) Months from Bodily Injury sustained by the insured as a result of the accident.

2). Pension Scheme Insurance

Employees of any Employer need security and certainty of their well being not only whilst at work but also upon early or due retirement. A clear cut and feasible Pension Scheme Insurance will guarantee such security and certainty and correspondingly boost employees morale, increase  Insured's Production with the attendant Gross Profit Margins increment in addition to an enhanced  Employee Retention.




1. Public  Product Liability Insurance 

 This Policy Offers Covers and or Indemnity against Legal Liability attaching to the Insured from the General Public in respect of Accidental Death, Bodily Injury / Illness, Loss or Damage to Property of Third Parties, including Legal Expenses ( Liability excluding injury to employees of the insured, family and their properties) arising in connection with insured`s Business and or Products (other than damage/loss to property in insured`s care/custody). This is a Policy that will include Vehicle Owners, Drivers, Industrialists, Builders and virtually Everybody.


2. Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance (WIBA Insurance) 

This Policy will Indemnify  the Insured against your legal liability under Work injury Benefit Act,2007 and subsequent Amendments (1987) or Any Other in respect of Assessments and Awards for Death and or Bodily Injury by Accident or Diseases caused to Insured Employees in course of their Employment, and occurring during the period of insurance, subject to the terms,conditions, exceptions and warranties of the policy.The policy can be extended to cover Personal Accident on 24 Hour basis to Incorporate Non - Occupational Risks subject to an Additional Cost in terms of Premium. A List of Employees and their respective Annual Wages / Salaries based on Designated Categories of eg, Accountants, Drivers, Storekeepers, Front Office Desk, Security, etc.

3. Employers Liability / Common Law Insurance

 This Policy offers Indemnity to the Insured against Legal Liability under Common Law for Damages and Claimant Costs and Litigation Expenses in respect of Death and or Bodily Injury by Accident or Disease caused to employees during the period of insurance and arising out of and in the course of that employment by the employer in the Business and directly related to Breach of Common Law or Statutory Duty by the Employer and in addition, indemnity in respect of all costs and expenses incurred by the employer with the Company's written consent subject to the terms, jurisdiction clause, exception, conditions and warranties of the company's employers liability (Common Law) Policy.



4. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

 This Policy will provide Indemnity to the Insured against Legal Liability for the Consequence of Error, Omission or Negligent Professional Standards and Practices that results to Financial and or Property Loss, Death and or Bodily Injury to Third Parties.


5). Directors Legal Liability Insurance

Company Directors may cause Loss, Damage to a Company's Insured Property and or a Company's Financial Loss and or liquidation through Financial impropriety, misappropriation and or Embezzlement of Funds, Neglect of Professionalism, etc. This policy will provide Indemnity to the Insured for loss and or damage incurred in respect of any Liability that attaches to the Directors by virtue of their Directorship to the Insured.



Engineering insurance refers to the insurance that provides economic safeguard to the risks faced by the ongoing construction project, installation project, and machines and equipment in project operation.


1. Contractors All Risks Insurance.

 This Policy will provide Indemnity to the insured against Unforeseen & Sudden Physical Loss or Damage from any Cause to the Insured Items / Property - Contract Works which includes Civil Works within the Insured Site / Location,  Building Materials on Site, Machinery, Plant and Equipment required for Construction, Erection and Legal Liability to Damages upon Accidental Death and or Bodily Injury or Illness to Third Party Persons and Loss of or Damage to Property belonging to Third Parties including those surrounding Property Owned, held in Trust or Control of the Insured or by the Third Parties.

2. Contractors Plant and Machinery

 This Policy will Indemnify the insured against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to Insured Contractors Plant, Machinery & Equipment in a manner necessitating Repair or Replacement resulting from any cause not excluded under the policy. Insured Items will include both Fixed ( Immobile  Plant, Machinery & Equipment like Industrial Batches, Rollers etc) and or Mobile Plant, Machinery & Plant like Cranes, Tractors, Excavators, Earth Movers, Forklifts etc.



3). Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance caters for Indemnity for Loss and or Damage to the Insured Machinery as a result of unforeseen and sudden physical loss, malicious damage, vandalism, Fire & Allied Perils, Power Surge / Excess Power Outage, etc. This is basically an Accident Insurance on Machinery and covers any Loss and or Damage necessitating its repair or Replacement and is more or less an All Risks Policy.



4). Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profits Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profits Insurance caters for Indemnity for the loss of Profits as a result of Loss and or Damage to the Insured Machinery as a result of unforeseen and sudden physical loss, malicious damage, vandalism, Fire & Allied Perils, Power Surge / Excess Power Outage, etc.




5). Erection All  Risks Insurance

An Erection All Risks Policy is Issued to Builders, Contractors involved in Erection of Industrial Frameworks and will offer Indemnity for Loss and or Damage to insured Erection of Machinery and Plant Works as well as Steel Structures of Any kind against Unforeseen & Sudden Physical Loss or Damage from any Cause to the Insured Items / Property - Erection / Contract Works which includes Civil Works within the Insured Site / Location,  Erection / Construction Materials on Site and Legal Liability to Loss and or Damages upon Accidental Death and or Bodily Injury or Illness to Third Party  Persons and Loss of or Damage to Property belonging to Third Parties including Sorrounding Property held in Trust, in Control or Owned by the Insured.




Trade credit insurance is an insurance policy and a risk management product offered to business entities wishing to protect their accounts receivable from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy.






Marine insurance is a cover for goods in transit from one place to another either by sea,inland waterways,by rail,by air and by roads.

It also extends its cover to include insurance of ships and freight at the risk of a carrier


The CS Treasury in his Budget speech on 8th June 2016 directed the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to ensure imports to Kenya are on a Cost and Freight basis only, with insurance being underwritten in Kenya.  

•Imports to Kenya have been on a CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) basis contrary to Section 20 on the Insurance Act.

•This scenario changed from 1st January 2017

•Effective 1st January 2017 all Imports  are to be insured with a Local Insurance Company as opposed to the CIF arrangement




Marine insurance is broadly classified into two Categories:


1. Marine Cargo insurance

• Marine cargo policy is a transit risk policy covering movement of cargo from one specified point for loss of or damage to goods during transit by rail, road, sea or air. 



2. Marine Hull insurance

• Hull insurance which is concerned with the insurance of ships ( Hull, Machinery, etc.)




The Perils covered / Experienced under Marine  Insurance are divided into; 


1. Marine perils / “Perils of Sea” 


Maritime perils are God or man-made risks such as natural calamities e.g. earthquake, tsunami, rain water damage, volcanic eruption, flood, landslide, fire, smoke, explosion; jettison; storm; collision; sinking; contact with objects fixed or floating, Ship Capsizing. etc, 




2. Extraneous Perils:-


These perils are incidental while loading, carrying, handling, etc., They include pilferage; non-delivery; hook damage; oil damage; heating; breaking , denting etc. 




3. War Perils:- 


These perils include loss and or Damage of Insured Cargo and or Hull during Civil Wars, Revolution, etc.





4.Strike, Riots & Civil  Commotion Peril :-


These perils include but are not limited to  Loss and or Damages occurring during Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotion.






Generally, the following 3 kinds of covers are most common for overseas transit:






This is an ‘All Risks’ Cover. It includes the following:- 


1.Provides cover for All risks of loss or damage to the subject matter insured, except those specifically excluded under clauses 4,5,6 and 7.  





This insurance covers, except as provided in Clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7 below, loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured reasonably attributable to;

  • Fire or explosion
  • Vessel  being stranded ,grounded, sunk or capsized
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
  • Collision or contact of vessel with any external object other than water
  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress 
  • Earthquake volcanic eruption or lightning
  • General average sacrifice and Salvage Charges
  • Jettison or washing overboard
  • Entry of sea, lake or river water into vessel ,conveyance container, lift van or place of storage,Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading on to, or unloading from, vessel or craft.


This insurance covers, except as provided in Clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7 below, loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured reasonably attributable to;

  • Fire or explosion 
  • Vessel being stranded ,grounded ,sunk or capsized 
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance 
  • Collision or contact of vessel  with any external object other than water 
  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress, 
  • General average sacrifice and Salvage Charges
  • Jettison.


Exception 4; General Exclusion Clause such as ;

  • Willful misconduct , 
  • Ordinary leakage, 
  • Ordinary loss in weight or volume, or 
  • Ordinary wear and tear of the subject-matter 
  • Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing, 
  • Inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter insured,   
  • Deliberate damage to or deliberate destruction of the subject-matter insured etc.
  • Exception 5. Un sea worthiness and Unfitness Exclusion Clause.
  • Exception 6: War Exclusion Clause (Can be bought back)
  • Exception 7: Strikes Exclusion Clause (Can be bought back)

Open Cover

An open cover is particularly useful for large export and import firms-making numerous regular shipments who would otherwise find it very inconvenient to obtain insurance cover separately for each and every shipment.

The following are the important features of a Marine Open Cover

Limit  per conveyance 

  • The value of a single shipment declared under the open cover should not exceed the stipulated amount.




Basis of Valuation

The ‘Basis’ normally adopted is the:

Prime cost of the goods + Freight + Cost of insurance, + 10% to cover profits and other charges




Location Clause

While the limit per conveyance mentioned under above is helpful in restricting the commitment of insurers on any one vessel, it may happen in actual practice that a number of different shipments falling under the scope of the open cover may accumulate at the port of shipment.

The location clause limits the liability of the insurers at any one time or place before shipment.

Generally, this is the same limit as the limit per conveyance specified in the cover, but sometimes it  may be agreed at an amount, say, up to 200% thereof. 





A schedule of agreed rates is attached to each Marine Open Cover.







There may be different terms applying to different commodities covered under the open cover, and they are clearly stipulated.






Declaration Clause

The insured is made responsible to declare each and every shipment coming within the scope of the open cover.






Cancellation Clause

This clause provides for cancellation of the contract with a certain period of notice, e.g., a month’s notice on either side. In case of War & S.R.C.C. risks, the period of notice is much shorter.






Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is issued to satisfy the requirements of the insured or the banks in respect of each declaration made under an open cover and / or open policy. 





Motor Insurance is broadly classified into two categories as here under:




Motor Private includes vehicles used for own use, pleasure and social purposes.This includes but not limited to small cars like saloons, station wagons and occasionally double cabin pick ups.

Comprehensive scope of cover entails loss and or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from  all perils including theft, fire and malicious damage.

Applicable extensions include political violence, loss of use and other benefits like excess protection in the event of total loss or third party property damage. Pegged Limits of Liability under Third Party Personal Bodily Injury and or Death can also be enhanced at an extra Premium if so required by the Insured.

This Cover automatically includes Compensation for Third Party Property Damage, Third party Personal Injury / Death.

Third Party Only insurance is a statutory requirement as per CAP 405 Traffic Laws of Kenya and any other amendments made thereof.

By loading the Premium chargeable under Comprehensive Scope of Cover,  Insurance for Material Loss and or Damage to the Insured Motor Vehicle can be extended including also against PVT Risks in exclusion of Theft Risks.





Motor Commercial vehicles range from Pick ups, Vans, Buses, Canters, Lorries, Prime Movers and Articulated Motor vehicles etc.

These includes the following categories for purposes of insurance.

  • Commercial Vehicles  used for carriage of Own Goods
  • Commercial Vehicles General Cartage - Used for carrying Goods for hire or reward.Vehicles include: Lorries, Trucks, Prime Movers,Trailers etc
  • Special Vehicles eg Fire Brigades, Ambulances,Cranes, Forklift, Rollers, Excavators. 
  • Agricultural and Forestry vehicles eg Tractors, Combine Harvesters etc 
  • Institutional Vehicles like Staff Buses,Vans etc
  • Motor Cycles
  • Pedal Cycles
  • Motor Trade-External and Internal Risks.
  • External Covers that includes Kenya Garage (KG Plates)

This caters for own damage and/ or loss to the vehicle whilst on road test including third party property damage, third party personal injuries or death to pedestrians and other road users.

  • Internal Covers

This includes cover against loss of spare parts whilst in the garage.

  • Public Service Vehicle (PSV)
  • Private Hire - Self Drive
  • Private Hire- Chauffeur Driven

Types of Cover include:

  1. Third Party Only: Provides cover for Third Party Death or Bodily Injury to persons up to a specified limit as provided in the insurance Act Cap 405 of Kenya and damage to property up to a specified limit
  2. Third Party Fire & Theft: Covers Third Party as above and damage to or loss of the vehicle caused by Fire, Perils of Fire & Theft.
  3. Comprehensive:Covers Third Party Fire Including all the Perils of Fire & Theft  as above and Accidental Collision or Overturning, Malicious Damage etc
  4. By loading the Premium chargeable under Comprehensive Scope of Cover,  Insurance for Material Loss and or Damage to the Insured Motor Vehicle can be extended including also against PVT Risks in exclusion of Theft Risks.

Extensions under Motor Insurance for an Additional Premium

  • Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Excess Protector
  • Loss of use
  • Comesa / PTA Third Party Insurance Extension within Comesa / PTA Regions

Extra Benefits include:

  • Windscreen Damage - Free Cover up to a Certain Limit and Additional Premium chargeable for the Extra Value
  • Car Entertainment system - Free Cover up to a Certain Limit and an Additional Premium chargeable for the Extra Value.
  • Towing Charges
  • Authorized Repair limit
  • Medical Expenses
  • Passenger Legal Liability which can be enhanced at an additional Premium if so required.
  • Forced ATM withdrawal
  • Personal Effects / Loss of  Keys
  • Loss of Spare Wheels / Accessories.

It is instructive to note that Insurance is very wide and we cannot exhaust each and every Policy in any one attempt thereof.

This is therefore a concerted effort to briefly expound on some of the pertinent Policies in our Market.There is always room for consultations and further engagements which kindly consider accordingly.

We are open for discussions and negotiations on any Insurance Policy that you feel best and satisfactorily caters for your Insurance Needs and Requirements.

Feel free to engage us any time.

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