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1. Public  Product Liability Insurance 

 This Policy Offers Covers and or Indemnity against Legal Liability attaching to the Insured from the General Public in respect of Accidental Death, Bodily Injury / Illness, Loss or Damage to Property of Third Parties, including Legal Expenses ( Liability excluding injury to employees of the insured, family and their properties) arising in connection with insured`s Business and or Products (other than damage/loss to property in insured`s care/custody). This is a Policy that will include Vehicle Owners, Drivers, Industrialists, Builders and virtually Everybody.


2. Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance (WIBA Insurance) 

This Policy will Indemnify  the Insured against your legal liability under Work injury Benefit Act,2007 and subsequent Amendments (1987) or Any Other in respect of Assessments and Awards for Death and or Bodily Injury by Accident or Diseases caused to Insured Employees in course of their Employment, and occurring during the period of insurance, subject to the terms,conditions, exceptions and warranties of the policy.The policy can be extended to cover Personal Accident on 24 Hour basis to Incorporate Non - Occupational Risks subject to an Additional Cost in terms of Premium. A List of Employees and their respective Annual Wages / Salaries based on Designated Categories of eg, Accountants, Drivers, Storekeepers, Front Office Desk, Security, etc.

3. Employers Liability / Common Law Insurance

 This Policy offers Indemnity to the Insured against Legal Liability under Common Law for Damages and Claimant Costs and Litigation Expenses in respect of Death and or Bodily Injury by Accident or Disease caused to employees during the period of insurance and arising out of and in the course of that employment by the employer in the Business and directly related to Breach of Common Law or Statutory Duty by the Employer and in addition, indemnity in respect of all costs and expenses incurred by the employer with the Company's written consent subject to the terms, jurisdiction clause, exception, conditions and warranties of the company's employers liability (Common Law) Policy.



4. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

 This Policy will provide Indemnity to the Insured against Legal Liability for the Consequence of Error, Omission or Negligent Professional Standards and Practices that results to Financial and or Property Loss, Death and or Bodily Injury to Third Parties.


5). Directors Legal Liability Insurance

Company Directors may cause Loss, Damage to a Company's Insured Property and or a Company's Financial Loss and or liquidation through Financial impropriety, misappropriation and or Embezzlement of Funds, Neglect of Professionalism, etc. This policy will provide Indemnity to the Insured for loss and or damage incurred in respect of any Liability that attaches to the Directors by virtue of their Directorship to the Insured.


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