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1. Money - Cash in Transit Insurance

    This Cover indemnifies the Insured for Loss and or Damage of Money from the Insured's Premises following Theft /    Burglary / Hold Up etc, while in Transit from and or the Bank anywhere in Kenya, Cash in Transit from the Insured's Clients as collected by Insured Agents or Employees, Cash in Transit to the Insured's Suppliers, Cash in the Office whilst in Closed / Locked Drawers, Safe both Outside or Within Office Working Hours, Cash / Money in the Hands of Directors / Authorised Staff Members in the Office or in their Private Residences and / or in Transit to and or from the Office / Private Residence or vice Versa and or as described in the Schedule.


2. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

   This cover Indemnifies the insured against Direct Loss of Money or Stock that the Insured might sustain through   acts of dishonesty by an Employee in the Course of Employment. The Insured will propose Limits that reflect the extent of Exposure based on either All the Employees or Identified Categories of the same, eg, Accountants, Cashiers, Security Detail, Store Keepers, Drivers, etc.




3. Goods In Transit Insurance

This Policy will Indemnify  the Insured against accidental loss or damage by Fire & Allied Perils, Theft / Burglary or Any Misfortune thereof whilst the Property is being Loaded onto or Carried by or Unloaded from Any Vehicle or Trailer and / or Rail Wagon or Other  Convenient Conveyances and or as described in the provided Schedule. Losses resulting from Transfers from One Vehicle on to another whilst en route etc are also insured.


4). Agricultural Activity Based Insurances ( Crop Failure Insurance)

These are Farmers and Agriculturalists friendly Policies that basically offer indemnity to the Insured against  Financial Losses resulting from Crop Failure either due to Rain Failure or Adverse Weather Conditions.


We are open for discussions and negotiations on any Insurance Policy that you feel best and satisfactorily caters for your Insurance Needs and Requirements.

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