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Motor Insurance is broadly classified into two categories as here under:




Motor Private includes vehicles used for own use, pleasure and social purposes.This includes but not limited to small cars like saloons, station wagons and occasionally double cabin pick ups.

Comprehensive scope of cover entails loss and or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from  all perils including theft, fire and malicious damage.

Applicable extensions include political violence, loss of use and other benefits like excess protection in the event of total loss or third party property damage. Pegged Limits of Liability under Third Party Personal Bodily Injury and or Death can also be enhanced at an extra Premium if so required by the Insured.

This Cover automatically includes Compensation for Third Party Property Damage, Third party Personal Injury / Death.

Third Party Only insurance is a statutory requirement as per CAP 405 Traffic Laws of Kenya and any other amendments made thereof.

By loading the Premium chargeable under Comprehensive Scope of Cover,  Insurance for Material Loss and or Damage to the Insured Motor Vehicle can be extended including also against PVT Risks in exclusion of Theft Risks.





Motor Commercial vehicles range from Pick ups, Vans, Buses, Canters, Lorries, Prime Movers and Articulated Motor vehicles etc.

These includes the following categories for purposes of insurance.

  • Commercial Vehicles  used for carriage of Own Goods
  • Commercial Vehicles General Cartage - Used for carrying Goods for hire or reward.Vehicles include: Lorries, Trucks, Prime Movers,Trailers etc
  • Special Vehicles eg Fire Brigades, Ambulances,Cranes, Forklift, Rollers, Excavators. 
  • Agricultural and Forestry vehicles eg Tractors, Combine Harvesters etc 
  • Institutional Vehicles like Staff Buses,Vans etc
  • Motor Cycles
  • Pedal Cycles
  • Motor Trade-External and Internal Risks.
  • External Covers that includes Kenya Garage (KG Plates)

This caters for own damage and/ or loss to the vehicle whilst on road test including third party property damage, third party personal injuries or death to pedestrians and other road users.

  • Internal Covers

This includes cover against loss of spare parts whilst in the garage.

  • Public Service Vehicle (PSV)
  • Private Hire - Self Drive
  • Private Hire- Chauffeur Driven

Types of Cover include:

  1. Third Party Only: Provides cover for Third Party Death or Bodily Injury to persons up to a specified limit as provided in the insurance Act Cap 405 of Kenya and damage to property up to a specified limit
  2. Third Party Fire & Theft: Covers Third Party as above and damage to or loss of the vehicle caused by Fire, Perils of Fire & Theft.
  3. Comprehensive:Covers Third Party Fire Including all the Perils of Fire & Theft  as above and Accidental Collision or Overturning, Malicious Damage etc
  4. By loading the Premium chargeable under Comprehensive Scope of Cover,  Insurance for Material Loss and or Damage to the Insured Motor Vehicle can be extended including also against PVT Risks in exclusion of Theft Risks.

Extensions under Motor Insurance for an Additional Premium

  • Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Excess Protector
  • Loss of use
  • Comesa / PTA Third Party Insurance Extension within Comesa / PTA Regions

Extra Benefits include:

  • Windscreen Damage - Free Cover up to a Certain Limit and Additional Premium chargeable for the Extra Value
  • Car Entertainment system - Free Cover up to a Certain Limit and an Additional Premium chargeable for the Extra Value.
  • Towing Charges
  • Authorized Repair limit
  • Medical Expenses
  • Passenger Legal Liability which can be enhanced at an additional Premium if so required.
  • Forced ATM withdrawal
  • Personal Effects / Loss of  Keys
  • Loss of Spare Wheels / Accessories.

It is instructive to note that Insurance is very wide and we cannot exhaust each and every Policy in any one attempt thereof.

This is therefore a concerted effort to briefly expound on some of the pertinent Policies in our Market.There is always room for consultations and further engagements which kindly consider accordingly.

We are open for discussions and negotiations on any Insurance Policy that you feel best and satisfactorily caters for your Insurance Needs and Requirements.

Feel free to engage us any time.


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