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1). Personal Accident Insurance

This is one of the several insurance of the Person that offers Indemnity to the Insured Person against Accidental Death and or Bodily Injury, Medical Expenses reimbursement upon hospitalisation after an Accident.  Benefits are paid irrespective of  Any Legal Liability in the Event of Death - Capital Sum Insured, in the Event of Permanent Total Disablement - a Percentage of the Capital Sum Insured and in the Event of Temporary Total Disablement - an Amount not exceeding 25% of the Monthly Income. Other Benefits include provision of  Artificial Limbs and or Accessories. In addition to all Employees of an Insured being Eligible, this Policy is most applicable to Any Employee earning more the Kshs. 1,200,000.00 Annually which is the Salary ceiling limit under Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance. The policy has a wide and extended indemnity period for disablement of Death resulting within Twelve (12) Months from Bodily Injury sustained by the insured as a result of the accident.

2). Pension Scheme Insurance

Employees of any Employer need security and certainty of their well being not only whilst at work but also upon early or due retirement. A clear cut and feasible Pension Scheme Insurance will guarantee such security and certainty and correspondingly boost employees morale, increase  Insured's Production with the attendant Gross Profit Margins increment in addition to an enhanced  Employee Retention.

3). Medical Insurance Scheme

In Today's World we all need a comprehensive Medical Cover that should include a widely

covered set of Benefits that incorporates 


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