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1. Fire & Perils

Indemnify the insured against loss or damage or destruction to insured property as a result of Fire and Allied Perils eg Earthquake,Floods,lightning, malicious damage, Riot Strike and Civil Commotion etc. A List of the Insured Items reflecting Individual Values and Sums Insured is necessary. It is a Prerequisite to have the Values of the Insured Assets valued by a Professional Property Valuer. Risk Identification and Assessment Visits to the Proposed Insured on or before Insurance placement by Accredited Risk Managers is vital. Such visits will in addition to advising on what to insure against what Risk also advice on Good In House Keeping among related Risks mitigation processes.


2. Fire - Consequential Loss of Profits Insurance

This Insurance will Indemnify the Insured against Loss of Profits in the event of Fire & Perils damage to the insured Premises and or Items. Details to provide include Annual Gross Profit if Known, Annual Wages / Salaries, Auditors Fees, Claim Adjustment Fees, Additional Costs and Expenses required to keep the Insured in operation within the Indemnity Period. Indemnity Period or the Period the Insured is expected to recover from the Loss is usually between Twelve (12) Months to Twenty Four (24) Months.



3. Burglary / Theft Insurance 

Physical loss of and/or damage to subject matter insured by Theft / Burglary following upon an actual forcible and violent entry into or exit from Insured Premises by the person or persons committing such theft / Burglary / Hold up including any damage caused to the Insured Premises.  Insured Items whose Schedule or List must be availed and be clearly described as the subject matter of the insured should be those Items reflecting the Value of Assets whose loss is to be borne by the insured following upon such Theft / Burglary / Hold up.

Depending on the Nature, Size and Condition of the Insured Items, Not All Insured Items may be stolen in an Attempt thereof. A First Loss Sum Insured arrangement is in most cases advisable in this Policy. Such an Arrangement will not only save on Premiums payable by  the Insured but also lower the Risk to manageable Levels on the part of the Insurer / Underwriting Office.



4. Industrial All Risks Insurance

This is a Comprehensive Property Insurance Policy for unusually large Risks mostly in excess of Sum Insured or Insured Values of Kshs. 500,000,000.00. It incorporates Fire & Allied Perils, Fire Consequential Loss of Profits and Burglary / Theft / Hold up under a Single Blanket Policy. A List of Items proposed for Insurance must be availed with respective Individual Values of the insured Assets.

5. Political Violence and Terrorism.

Indemnify the insured against Loss, Damage / Destruction of the Insured Items / Property following Acts of Terrorism, Sabotage, Riots, Strike and Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution & Rebellion, Mutiny and/or Coup 'detat all for Political Reasons.




6. Electronic Equipment Insurance

 Indemnifies the Insured against unforeseen loss or damage to Electronic items described in the Schedule by any      Accidental Cause / s subject to the Policy's Exceptions, Terms, Conditions, and Warranties. Insurance may be arranged to indemnify the Insured for actual loss of the Physical Insured Items ( Hardware) or Loss of Data ( Software). This is subject to a Production of a  List / Schedule of the Insured Items.




7. All Risks Insurance

 This Policy will Indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to insured property subject to a List or Schedule arising or resulting from any Accidental cause not specifically excluded by the policy. It is suitable for covering portable items like Mobile Phones, Cameras, Jewellery, Laptops and or portable Computers, etc. The Geographical area is extended to Worldwide.




8). Private Residence Insurance ( Domestic Package - HHC & Or HOC )

These Policies are also part of the many Insurances for both Individual and Corporate and will offer indemnity for  Physical loss and or damage to the insured Property. Cover arrangement will either include the Building, Contents ( Household), All Risks ( Portable Items), Workmen Compensation  ( Domestic Workers), Occupiers and or Owners Liability.




9). Plate Glass Insurance

 Engineering and Construction Industry has been revolutionised and most Buildings including major sky crappers  have more glass Sheets as part of their Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings hence the need for Plate Glass insurance. This Cover will offer indemnity against Loss and Or damage to the Insured Glass through breakage, damage by Fire & Perils, Malicious damage of any other unforeseen and sudden physical Loss.

10). Stock Escalator Insurance

A Stock Escalator Insurance is  basically Stock Movement in terms of Sales, Transfer to other Owned, held in Trust or Controlled Stock Outlets and or Holding Points. A Clear and concise Schedule and or Record / Inventory of  Stock in each holding Outlet at definite Times and Periods of Insurance is necessary for an effective an honest Stock Floater Policy arrangement.

11). Aviation Insurance

Aircraft, Aeroplanes and other Aerial Devices are subject to loss, damage and or are liable to Third Parties in the event that they cause loss and or damage to Third Party Property, Cause  Bodily and or Death to Third Party Persons who may be their Passengers and or other Space and Ground users.  Aviation Insurance will provide cover against such Risks and as stipulated under the Civil Aviation Insurance Regulations. This cover will generally fall under the following categories;

a). Aviation Hull

This is cover against Loss and or Damage to the Insured Aircraft, Aeroplane or any insured Aerial Devices

b). Third Party Liability

This will offer indemnity to Third Parties other than Passengers

c). Passenger Legal Liability

This will offer Indemnity to Passengers on Board the Aircraft.


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