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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is broadly classified into two categories as here under


Used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes including use for the business of the insured and that of their employer or partner


This includes:

  • Goods Carrying Vehicles (General Cartage / Own Goods)
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles (Carrying Passengers at no charge like Institutional Buses & allowed by law to carry passengers for hire and reward like Private Hire, Self Drive etc.)

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  • A motor cycle includes any kind of cycle propelled mechanically and includes mopeds.
  • Many of the considerations for motor cycles are the same as for private motor policy but there are certain main differences
Types of Cover include:

The policy covers liability for death of or bodily injury to any person and third party property damage arising out of the use of the insured vehicle on a road

In addition to providing protection for third-party risks as discussed above, a Third-party, Fire and Theft insurance policy includes the cost of repairs or compensation to the insured if the vehicle is:-

  • Damaged by fire, lightning or explosion;
  • Damaged either during attempted theft; or
  • While the vehicle is stolen and not recovered;

Comprehensive insurance policy provides the insured with the widest form of cover in Motor Insurance which includes loss of or damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire, theft or other accidental means and liability to third parties among other ancillary potential causes of loss.
Extensions under Motor Insurance include:

Political Violence and Terrorism

Excess Protector

Loss of use

Comesa / PTA Insurance Extension within Comesa / PTA Regions

Extra Benefits include:

Windscreen Damage cover

Car Entertainment system cover

Towing Charges

Authorized Repair limit

Medical Expenses

Passenger legal liability

Forced ATM Withdrawal

Loss of Spare Wheels / Accessories.

Personal Effects / Loss of Keys

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